Protecting Little Smiles with Kids Mouthguards in Plano, TX

Oral Appliances for Thumb or Finger Sucking Habits

Sucking is a natural reflex and provides a sense of security for many children. However, school aged children that suck their thumb or finger may find that their habit causes social distress. School aged children that want to stop their sucking habit may find a thumb appliance to be helpful. Thumb appliance therapy requires one appointment to take the impression and one appointment to actually place the appliance in the mouth.

Custom Mouthguards

When a child begins to participate in recreational activities and organized sports, traumatic injuries to the teeth may occur. A properly fitted mouth guard is an important part of athletic gear. The mouthguard can act as a cushion to protect the teeth from injury. If your child is young and losing teeth, his or her mouth will be continually changing and mouthguards may need to be changed more often. Therefore, you may purchase an over the counter mouthguard from stores such as Wal-Mart or Target. Once your child has a full permanent dentition, you may choose to have a mouthguard professionally made in our office.

We do highly recommend that once your child's adult teeth have all erupted, you have a professionally-crafted athletic mouthguard made for him or her at our Plano kid's dentist office. These custom-made athletic mouthguards provide great protection from dental sports injuries, which are the most common types of injuries that occur during sporting activities. You want to help your child avoid extensive damage and the cost of repair.

Dental Nightguards

Parents are often concerned about a child who grinds their teeth during sleep. This type of grinding is referred to as bruxism. The majority of cases of pediatric bruxism do not need to be treated dentally. However, if excessive wearing of the teeth is present, then a mouthguard may be indicated. Dr. Judd will be happy to discuss your concerns regarding bruxism during a visit to our Plano pediatric dental office.

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