Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings for Children in Plano

Even with regular visits to our Plano pediatric dental office, your child can develop cavities. Dr. Judd fills cavities with tooth-colored composite fillings. White fillings are made of composite resins that are aesthetically pleasing and metal-free. Children’s composite resin fillings can be easily and effectively used to restore your child’s teeth. Dr. Judd will make certain that your child has a comfortable experience during the entire treatment procedure.

Why Are Metal-Free Composite Fillings Better for Children?

Plano pediatric dentist Dr. Catherine Judd recommends tooth-colored composite fillings for your kids for a number of reasons. First, they cause less damage to teeth over time. Metal fillings actually expand and contract depending on the temperature, and this can cause cracks or broken teeth. Silver amalgam fillings also contain small amounts of mercury, which is a highly toxic substance. While the American Dental Association believes that the amount of mercury in amalgam metal fillings is safe, many parents would rather not expose their children to any mercury whatsoever. Lastly, composite fillings are tooth-colored, offering a pleasing appearance for your child’s smile.

When are Composite Fillings Needed?

Your child might need a filling even if they still have their baby teeth. Baby teeth will eventually fall out of course, but until it's time, your child needs those baby teeth for a number of functions. They allow your child to chew food, speak normally and develop proper speech habits, and maintain the proper bite prior to the eruption of adult teeth. They help your child's mouth develop properly, so it's important that we keep them as healthy as possible and prevent them from falling out before they're ready. Tooth-colored children's dental fillings are one way we help accomplish this.

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During your child’s routine dental exams at our Plano pediatric dental office, Dr. Judd will check for cavities and provide recommendations if they appear to need fillings. Families from Frisco, Allen, and surrounding communities near Plano can contact us for an exam to discuss oral health topics including composite fillings with Dr. Judd.

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