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Plano Children's Dentist

Get Ready to Smile with Plano Pediatric Dentist Dr. Catherine Judd!

Dr. Catherine Judd provides pediatric dental care for children of all ages in Plano, Texas and surrounding areas, including Frisco and Allen. Dr. Judd is board certified to practice pediatric dentistry and offers the latest in children’s dental care, all with a caring and positive attitude in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

Our main focus is keeping your child healthy and happy. Because Dr. Judd respects children as unique individuals, listens to their questions, and addresses their concerns, our patients look forward to their dental visits. Our Plano pediatric dental office is specially designed with children in mind, helping your child get a good head start on a lifetime of oral health.

Our services include preventive pediatric dental care such as exams, cleaning, fluoride, and dental sealants, as well as more restorative children’s dental procedures such as root canals (pulpotomies), white composite fillings, and stainless steel crowns. We offer teeth whitening that is safe for children, and to set your child’s dental fears to rest we offer oral and I.V. sedation.

When choosing your child's dentist, you want to make sure you choose someone with specialized training and a gentle chariside manner. Plano children's dentist Dr. Catherine Judd has both. She received her extra training in pediatric dentistry at Baylor College of Dentistry, and she was chief dental resident at Children's Medical Center before going into private practice. She knows what kid's dentistry is all about!

When you choose Plano pediatric dentist Dr. Catherine Judd for your child’s dental care, you make a commitment to helping him or her grow into optimal oral health. We see children from Allen, Frisco, and other surrounding communities as well. Contact us for an appointment today!

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